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Centroid - definitions

Centroid - In direct marketing: the geographic center point of a ZIP code, equidistant from each boundary.

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centroid - The term given to the center of an area, region, or polygon. In the case of irregularly shaped polygons, the centroid is derived mathematically and is weighted to approximate a sort of `center of gravity.` Centroids are important in GIS because these discrete X-Y locations are often used to index or reference the polygon within which they are located. Sometimes attribute information is `attached,` `hung,` or `hooked` to the centroid location.

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centroid - [data capture] The geometric center of a feature. For line, polygon, or three-dimensional features, it is the center of mass (or center of gravity) and may fall inside the feature, as shown below for a triangle, or outside the feature, as shown below for a complex line. For multipoints, polylines, or polygons with multiple parts, it is computed using the weighted mean center of all feature parts. The weight for a point feature is 1, for a line feature is its length, and for polygon features is its area.

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