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Completeness - definitions

Completeness : A characteristic of information quality measuring the degree to which all required data is known. (1) Fact completeness is a measure of data definition quality expressed as a percentage of the attributes about an entity type that need to be known to assure that they are defined in the model and implemented in a database. For example, "80 percent of the attributes required to be known about customers have fields in a database to store the attribute values." (2) Value completeness is a measure of data content quality expressed as a percentage of the columns or fields of a table or file that should have values in them, in fact do so. For example, "95 percent of the columns for the customer table have a value in them." Also referred to as Coverage. (3) Occurrence completeness is a measure of the percent of records in an information collection that it should have to represent all occurrences of the real world objects it should know. For example, does a Department of Corrections have a record for each Offender it is responsible to know about? (IQ). 

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Completeness - A characteristic of data. It means the degree to which values are present for data elements.

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Completeness - Data does not need anything added. Data is considered complete if it represents the complete list of eligible persons or units and not just a fraction of the list.

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Completeness - A measure of the amount of valid data obtained from a measurement system compared to the amount that was expected to be obtained under correct, normal conditions.

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Completeness - Data completeness is a data quality dimension dealing with how complete the data is. Completeness also relates to hierarchy management within master data management, as there may different requirements for completeness for the different segments in the master data hierarchies. Measurements of completeness are often established by using data profiling techniques as part of data quality improvement.

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