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Consistency - definitions

Consistency : A measure of information quality expressed as the degree to which a set of data is equivalent in redundant or distributed databases. 

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Source: Larry English, External, 17-Jan-2009 13:01

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Consistency : the condition of adhering together, the ability to be asserted together without contradiction. 

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Source: Martin Eppler, External, 17-Jan-2009 13:01

Consistency - A characteristic of data, where different values conform to a similar style or pattern.

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Source: The Data Governance Institute, 22 November 2009 11:02:12, External

Consistency - Measure of how often a term or phrase is rendered the same way into the target language.

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Source: Common Sense Advisory, 06 January 2010 11:14:12, External

Consistency - Data consistency is an indicator of how well data that is coming from different sources and periods corresponds to data in other data quality dimensions such as accuracy, completeness and conformity. Having better consistency is part of raising the information quality maturity and is achieved by continuous data quality improvement. The most frequent domain of data inconsistency is found within customer master data and is solved through better customer data integration.

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