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Conversion - definitions

Conversion : The process of preparing, reengineering, cleansing and transforming data, and loading it into a new target data architecture

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Conversion - A conversion is the event that occurs when a recipient of a direct mail or e-mail offer takes action -- usually in the form making a commitment.

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Conversion - change in an employee's status or tenure, usually from a casual, temporary, or excepted status to another type of employment.

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Conversion - The process of converting an inquirer, or a trial offer buyer, or a catalog requester to regular customer status via a sale.

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conversion - The process of transferring data derived from existing records and maps to a digital database. Conversion is a major input problem and can consume the greatest share of time in a GIS project.

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conversion - [data conversion] The process of changing input data from one representation or format to another, such as from raster to vector, or from one file format to another, such as from x,y coordinate table to point shapefile.

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