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Customer - definition(s)

Customer : The person or organisation whose needs a product or service provider must meet, and whose satisfaction with product and service, including information is the focus of quality management. A customer may be a direct, immediate Customer or the End-consumer of the product or service.

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Customers - For printed data, these are subscribers, or recipients. For charitable and fundraising offers they are known as donors. For products and services sold by direct response they are the buyers.

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Customers - A person who receives the product or service of a process.

In a laymans language:

A customer is one who buys or rates our process/product (In terms of requirements), and gives the final verdict on the same. This in turn acts as a hidden feedback which can be implemented leading to improvement to all the parameters of the Process Management.

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Customer - A customer is anyone who receives products or services from a supplier organization. Customers can be people or organizations and can be either external or internal to the supplier organization. For example, a factory may supply products or services to another factory (customer) within the same organization. According to ISO 9000, examples of customers include clients, consumers, end-users, purchasers, retailers, and beneficiaries.

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