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Process Management

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Process Management - definition(s)

Process Management - The process of ensuring that a process is defined, controlled to consistently produce products that meet defined quality standards, improved as required to meet or exceed all customer expectations and optimised to eliminate waste and non-value adding.

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Process Management - A set of functions supporting the definition of inter- related process steps and the management of their execution across a variety of hardware and software platforms; used mainly by data replication.

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Process Management - The pertinent techniques and tools applied to a process to implement and improve process effectiveness, hold the gains and ensure process integrity in fulfilling customer requirements.

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Process Management - Also called Business Process Quality Management or Reengineering. The concept of defining macro and micro processes, assigning ownership, and creating responsibilities of the owners.

Modifying, altering, reshaping, redesigning any business/production process, work method or management style to deliver greater value.

The art of reshaping, an organization and belonging processes to attain optimal result, through continuous improvements within the organizational.

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