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Data Administration

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Data Administration - definition(s)

Data Administration - A disclipline, set of practices, and/or organizational group that deals with managing databases and their contents.

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Data Administration - The processes and procedures by which the integrity and currency of the data in the warehouse are maintained.

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Data Administration - The process of managing the institutional data in order to provide reliable, accurate, secure and accessible data to meet strategic and management needs at all levels of the enterprise. It is the purpose of this process to improve the accuracy, reliability, and security of the institution's data; reduce data redundancy; provide ease of access, assuring that data are easily located, accessible once located, and clearly defined; and to provide data standards. It is also the purpose of the Data administration function to educate the user community on institutional data policies and to encourage the responsible use of data.

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Data administration - A role in data management concerned with mechanisms for the definition, quality control and accessibility of an organisation's data.

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