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Data-Based Knowledge

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Data-Based Knowledge - definition(s)

Data-Based Knowledge - Knowledge derived from data through the use of Business Intelligence Tools and the process of Data Warehousing. Most of our knowledge is based on a combination of our experience, perception, and intuition. Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing give us a new kind of knowledge based on data. Data-based knowledge can have several advantages over experience/intuition-based knowledge:

   1. It can be more accurate because it is based on so many detailed facts.
   2. It can be more current because the data warehousing and business intelligence tools can so quickly analyze new data.
   3. It can be more comprehensive because so many different perspectives are available through the rapid recombination of elements from different dimensions and different levels of the data hierarchy.
   4. It can give new insights because there are complex patterns in the data that can be discovered by data mining that would never be detected by human analysis.
   5. It can be less subjective because conclusions are tied directly to the physical data.

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