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Delivery Address

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Delivery Address - definitions

Delivery Address - The location (destination) to which the USPS is to deliver a mailpiece. Except for mail prepared with a detached address label, the piece must show the address of the addressee (intended recipient) on the side bearing the postage. It is usually placed in the lower right. (Compare with return address.)

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Source: USPS, 09 September 2009 08:43:56, External

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Delivery Address -  USA - The entire address, unparsed, except for the Place Name, State Name, ZIP Code, ZIP Plus 4, Country Name, and, optionally, Complete Subaddress elements.

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Synonyms: Delivery Address Line (USPS Publication 28); Location Address (EPA); Mailing Address Text (EPA)


   1234 Dartmouth College Highway, Suite 100, Lyme, NH, 03768 (subaddress included)
   1234 Dartmouth College Highway, Suite 100, Lyme, NH, 03768 (subaddress excluded)

Source: United States Thoroughfare, Landmark, and Postal Address Data Standard (draft), 15 May 2010 08:30:13, External

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