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Delivery Sequence File (DSF)

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Delivery Sequence File (DSF) - definitions

Delivery Sequence File (DSF) - The delivery sequence file (DSF) is is a database tool used to standardize mailing addresses to improve deliverability. The delivery sequence file (DSF) database contains every valid postal address in the United States.

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DSF (Delivery Sequence File) - The DSF, compiled by the Source: USPS, is a comprehensive database of every one of the 120,000,000 addresses that the USPS delivers to. DSF serves as a tool to improve mailing list selections and to provide walk sequencing of mail files. DSF processing will confirm the accuracy of mailing lists, identify address errors, and provide information about the address. DSF processing is performed by commercial vendors under license by the USPS. Outside lists compared to the DSF by one of a handful of licensees can make a substantial contribution to reduce wasteful mailings.

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