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Drill Up

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Drill Up - definitions

Drill Up - Also known as rolling up data, drilling upward summarizes data, such as aggregating individual sales to a total sales.

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Drill Up - The ability to move between levels of the hierarchy when viewing data with an OLAP browser.  Drill Up - Changing the view of the data to a higher level of aggregation. 

Multidimensional Analysis (OLAP) tools organize the data in two primary ways: in multiple dimensions and in hierarchies.

Drilling down and drilling up allow an analyst to move down and up the hierarchies to see how the information at the various levels is related. After looking at the sales totals for a store's departments, the analyst may want to drill down to see the individual sales for each employee in one of the departments. Then the analyst may choose to drill up to view how this store's total sales compare to other stores in the same region.

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Drill Up - Data analysis to a parent attribute.

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Drill Up (Roll up) - It is a specific analytical technique whereby the user navigates among levels of data ranging from the most detailed (down) to the most summarized (up) along a concept hierarchy. For example, when viewing the data for the city of Toronto, a roll-up operation in the Location dimension would display Ontario. A further roll-up on Ontario would display data for Canada.

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