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Duplicate / Dupe

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Duplicate / Dupe - definitions

Dupe - Trade lingo for a duplicate record that has been identified and eliminated. It is good practice to look at the "matched pairs" or "dupes" so identified to make certain the dropped record is really a duplicate.

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Duplicate - In master Data Management_ a duplicate group is one that has two or more database rows representing the same real-world entity. For example, the two names "Bob Hope" and "Robert Hope" residing on the same address may be identified as the same real-world person. Master Data Management_ solutions aim to establish and maintain a single view of business partners . This discipline is called identity resolution. In entity resolution we may also find, for example, two product master data rows describing the same real-world product. This is used as part of improving product Data Quality_.

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Dupe - An informal term for a duplicate record or field.

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