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Error - definitions

Error - A missorted piece or unit of mail that must be rehandled within the post office before dispatch, as opposed to missent mail actually transported to another post office. (Compare with missent/misdirected mail.)

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Error - Error, also called residual error, refers to variation in observations made under identical test conditions, or the amount of variation that can not be attributed to the variables included in the experiment.

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Error (Type I) - Error that concludes that someone is guilty, when in fact, they really are not. (Ho true, but I rejected it--concluded Ha). Also known as ALPHA error. Also known as Producer's risk.

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Error (Type II) - Error that concludes that someone is not guilty, when in fact, they really are. (Ha true, but I concluded Ho). BETA

Accept an hypothesis or statement as true when it is false: Ho is false, but I conclude Ho is true. Error that concludes that someone is not guilty, when in fact, he or she really is. (accept Ho as true, being false, when Ha is true).

A failed alarm is a Type II error

BETA is the probability of error type II

Also known as consumer's risk.

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(1) [Category=Data Quality ] A measured, observed, calculated, or interpreted value that differs from the true value or the value that would be obtained by a perfect observer using perfect equipment and perfect methods under perfect conditions.

(2) [Category=Data Quality ] In a GIS database, a spatial or attribute value that differs from the true value. Error may also be understood as the totality of wrong or unreliable information in a database. Spatial errors are mainly errors in position (feature coordinates are wrong) and topology (features do not properly connect, intersect, or adjoin). Attribute errors are wrong quantities or descriptions associated with features, or missing or invalid values. Errors enter a GIS database through various processes, including data collection (for instance, flawed instruments); data conversion (for example, map digitizing mistakes); data entry and editing; data integration (for example, mixing data at different scales); spatial data processing (for example, inaccuracies caused by generalization); and data analysis (for example, features assigned to inappropriate categories on the basis of flawed criteria).

(3) [programming] In computer programming, a piece of code that prevents a program from compiling or running; also, program logic that makes a program end prematurely, go into an endless loop, or give incorrect results.

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