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European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)

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European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) - definition(s)

EDPS  - The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) is an independent supervisory authority established in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 45/2001, on the basis of Article 286 of the EC Treaty.

The EDPS' mission is to ensure that the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals - in particular their privacy - are respected when the EU institutions and bodies process personal data.

The EDPS is responsible for:

    * monitoring and ensuring that the provisions of Regulation 45/2001, as well as other Community acts on the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, are complied with when EC institutions and bodies process personal data (supervisory tasks);
    * advising the EC institutions and bodies on all matters relating to the processing of personal data. This includes consultation on proposals for legislation and monitoring new developments that have an impact on the protection of personal data (consultative tasks);
    * cooperating with national supervisory authorities and supervisory bodies in the "third pillar" of the EU with a view to improving consistency in the protection of personal data (cooperative tasks).

The EDPS also intervenes in cases before the Court of Justice of the European Communities.

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