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Feature - definition(s)

feature - Source: The OpenGIS® Abstract Specification Topic 6: The Coverage Type and its Subtypes Version 6. External

The starting point for modeling of geographic information. Abstraction of a real world phenomenon. "A digital representation of a real world entity or an abstraction of the real world. It has a spatial domain, a temporal domain, or a spatial/temporal domain as one of its attributes. Examples of features include almost anything that can be placed in time and space, including desks, buildings, cities, trees, forest stands, ecosystems, delivery vehicles, snow removal routes, oil wells, oil pipelines, oil spill, and so on. Features are usually managed in groups as feature collections. The terms feature and object are often used synonymously. The terms feature, feature collection and coverage are defined in line with OpenGIS."

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Source: Open Geospatial Consortium, 14 June 2011 08:44:18, External

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feature - [cartography] A representation of a real-world object on a map.

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Source: esri, 18 April 2012 08:04:54, External

feature - Service enhancement which is provided automatically to the customer as part of the basic service. [Caracteristique]

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