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Fitness for Use / Fit for Purpose

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Fitness for Use / Fit for Purpose - definitions

Fitness for Use - A term used to indicate that a product or service fits the customer's defined purpose for that product or service.

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Fit for purpose - A common definition of Data Quality_ is that data should be fit for purpose of use. Since master data is used for many purposes within an organization, a master Data Management_ solution must be able to embrace a range of requirements for Data Quality_. Fulfilling these requirements is done through Data Quality_ improvement.

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fitness for use - [Category=Data Quality ] The degree to which a dataset is suitable for a particular application or purpose, encompassing factors such as Data Quality_, scale, interoperability, cost, data format, and so on.

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Fitness for Purpose - The suitability of data for the intended use, that is, the degree to which the statistical information meets the needs of the data.

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