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Focus Group

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Focus group - definitions

Focus group - A facilitated group of customers that evaluates a product or service against those of competitors, in order to clearly define customer preferences and quality expectations.

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Source: Larry English, External, 26-Jan-2009 09:25

Focus group - a market research technique where five to nine people discuss a topic with the help of a moderator in order to elicit common themes, problems, or opinions.

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Source: Martin Eppler, External, 26-Jan-2009 09:25

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Focus group - A group, usually of eight to 10 people, that is invited to discuss an existing or planned product, service or process.

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Source: American Society for Quality, 24 September 2010 09:11:47, External

Focus Group - A small group selected to provide opinions and responses to topics or issues presented in a group setting; an assessment technique.

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