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Granularity - definitions

Granularity - 1) The level of detail contained in a unit of data. The higher the level of detail - the lower the granularity level; conversely the reduced detail results in higher granularity.

2) The size of the smallest unit that can be independently locked. (A database may apply locks at the database, table, record, or single field value level.)

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Granularity - The level of detail or summarization of data. Atomic data has the lowest level of granularity.

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Granularity - The level of detail of the facts stored in a data warehouse.

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Granularity - Degree of summarization of data.

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Granularity - A term used to describe how finally broken down a fact is in a table. For example, we might have wages individually recorded per employee in one table but we might have another table with wages aggregated by department.

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granularity - (1) [Category=Data Quality ] The coarseness or resolution of data. Granularity describes the clarity and detail of data during its capture and visualization.

(2) [photogrammetry] The objective measure of the random groupings of silver halide grains into denser and less dense areas in a photographic image.

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Granularity - Granularity refers to the level of detail or summarization of data in the data warehouse. More detail means higher the level of granularity. The less detail there is, the lower the level of granularity.

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