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Information Resource Management (IRM)

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Information Resource Management (IRM) - definitions

Information Resource Management (IRM) : (1) The application of generally accepted management principles to data as a strategic business asset. (2) The function of managing data as an enterprise resource. This generally includes operational Data Management_ or data administration, strategic information management, repository management, and database administration. See also Information management (IM) . (3) The organisation unit responsible for providing principles and processes for managing the information assets of the enterprise.

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Information resource management - The strategy and processes for effectively and efficiently managing collections of data, information sets, and documents. This is a high-level discipline that encompasses many other data-related disciplines and efforts. It includes planning, budgeting, organizing, directing, training, and controls associated with the collected findings and which encompasses related resources such as personnel, equipment, funds, and technology.

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Information resource management - The concept that information is a major corporate resource and must be managed using the same basic principles used to manage other assets.

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