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Inspection - definition(s)

Inspection - Measuring, examining, testing and gauging one or more characteristics of a product or service and comparing the results with specified requirements to determine whether conformity is achieved for each characteristic.

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Source: American Society for Quality, 28 September 2010 09:24:36, External

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Inspection - Note: 'Inspection' outside of the software field may have a different and negative connotation equivalent to software 'testing'. It was the latter type of inspection that Deming condemned when he wrote, 'We must cease dependence on mass inspection' as a quality management technique.

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Inspection - Inspections use observation, measurement, testing and judgment to evaluate conformity. Inspection results are compared with specified requirements in order to establish whether conformity has been achieved. Product inspections compare product characteristics with product requirements in order to evaluate conformity.

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Inspection - The examination or measurement of an item or activity to verify conformance to specific requirements.

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Inspection - Activities, such as measuring, examining, testing, gaging one or more characteristics of a product or service, and comparing these with specified requirements to determine conformity.

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Source: The Quality Portal, 12 April 2011 07:32:44, External




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