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Internationalization / Internationalisation (I18N)

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Internationalization / Internationalisation (I18N)

Internationalization - Process of designing a product in such a way that it can be easily changed or adapted or localized for numerous countries, regions or languages. Commonly abbreviated I18N.

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Internationalization - This 20-letter word is often abbreviated as i18n when used by software engineers. Making a program useful in another country requires more than just replacing error messages from a new language. In software development, internationalization means designing a program so that it can be easily customized for various languages, scripts, units, currencies and date/time formats. The counterpart of i18n is localization (l10n), which is adapting a program for use in a particular locale. In other words, internationalization makes a piece of software easy to localize.

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I18N - Abbreviation for internationalization, in which the number 18 represents the number of letters between the first and last letters.

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Internationalization - It is not really a matter of being international; rather, a matter of letting people use their national languages and notations. Typically, international communication on the Internet is carried out in English, but "internationalization" is meant to create realistic possibilities for communication in any language. 

Internationalization turns the internal representation of data into a neutral, easily processable and well-defined format.  For example, for processing monetary data, we aim at using an internal format that always identifies the currency but does not fix the way in which such data is displayed. 

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internationalization - [organizational issues] The process of creating software that can be adapted to the requirements of different languages and cultures without substantive changes to the source code.

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Internationalisation - In simple terms, it is a process of producing an application that can be localized for a particular country without any changes to the program code. In computing, Internationalisation is means of adapting computer software for non-native environments, especially other nations and cultures. Internationalisation is the process of ensuring that an application is capable of adapting to local requirements, for instance ensuring that the local writing system can be displayed.

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