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Level - definitions

Level - The hierarchies in dimensions have levels which can be used to view data at various levels of detail.

A Time dimension could have levels for Year, Quarter, Month, and Day.

A Product dimension could have levels for Product Family, Product Category, Product Subcategory, and Product Name.

A Customer Geography dimension could have levels for Region, Country, District, State, City, and Neighborhood.

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Levels - Levels are the different settings a factor can have. For example, if you are trying to determine how the response (speed of data transmittal) is affected by the factor (connection type), you would need to set the factor at different levels (modem and LAN)

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Level - Levels are an implementation of the hierarchies that represent the level of detail viewed in a dimension. In the example above for a time dimension's hierarchies, we had levels for year, quarter, and month.

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