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On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)

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On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) / Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) - definitions

OLAP - Acronym for On-Line Analytical Processing. Software technology that transforms data into multidimensional views and that supports multidimensional data interaction, exploration, and analysis

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On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) - The OLAP Council defines online analytical processing as, "A category of software technology that enables analysis, managers and executives to gain insight into data through fast, consistent, interactive access to wide variety of possible views of information that have been transformed from raw data to reflect the real dimensionality of the enterprise as understood by the user."

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On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) - A process that allows a person, using an application, to analyze data stored in a database or data warehouse, in real-time. The focus is on analysis and decision-making. OLAP is in contrast  to OLTP (On-Line Transaction Processing), which is used in transactional systems.

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OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) - The use of computers to analyze an organization's data.

"OLAP" is the most widely used term for Multidimensional Analysis software. The term "On-Line Analytical Processing" was developed to distinguish data warehousing activities from "On-Line Transaction Processing" - the use of computers to run the on-going operation of a business.

In its broadest usage the term "OLAP" is used as a synonym of "data warehousing". In a more narrow usage, the term OLAP is used to refer to the tools used for Multidimensional Analysis.

"Think of an OLAP data structure as a Rubik's Cube of data that users can twist and twirl in different ways to work through what-if and what-happened scenarios." - Lee The, Editor, Datamation (May 1995)

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Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) - Processing that supports the analysis of business trends and projections.

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On-Line Analytical Processing - Processing that supports the analysis of business trends and projections. It is also known as decision support processing and OLAP.

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OLAP - On-Line Analytical Processing. OLAP should be designed to provide end users a quick way of slicing and dicing the data.

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On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) - On-line retrieval and analysis of data to reveal business trends and statistics not directly visible in the data directly retrieved from a data warehouse. Also known as Multidimensional Analysis.

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OLAP - Acronym for online analytical processing - a set of techniques that can be applied to data to support strategic decision making.

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OLAP - Online Analytical Processing.  OLAP is a category of database software which provides an interface such that users can quickly and interactively examine the results in various dimensions of the data.  OLAP primarily involves aggregating large amounts of diverse data. OLAP can involve millions of data items with complex relationships. Its objective is to analyze these relationships and look for patterns, trends, and exceptions.  A cube is an OLAP tool.

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Online Analytical Processing - (OLAP) - Online Analytical Processing is an approach to quickly providing answers to complex analytical queries. Short for Online Analytical Processing, technology approach , it enables fast analysis of shared, multi-dimensional data. Databases configured for OLAP employ a multidimensional data model, which is optimised for complex analytical and ad-hoc queries by using the concept of a "˜cube,' pre-calculated data dimensions. For example, it would allow a user to ask questions like "How many computers have been sold in Canada this year?, Of those sold in Canada, how many were sold to people over 50?, etc. Refer OLAP Cube for more information.

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OLAP - Online Analytical Processing is a strategy for summarizing and analyzing large amounts of data using a multi-dimensional data model. Implementations of OLAP include MOLAP and ROLAP.

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online analytical processing (OLAP) - The process of analyzing multidimensional data using three operations: consolidation (the aggregation of available), drill-down (the ability for users to see the underlying details), and slice and dice (the ability for users to select subsets and view them from different perspectives).

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