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Poka Yoke / Poke-Yoke

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Poka Yoke / Poka-Yoke - definitions

Poka Yoke - Japanese for "mistake proofing," a system using control methods (to halt operations) and warning methods (to call attention to defects) that assures immediate feedback and corrective action in a way that assures no defects are allowed to get through without correction.

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Poka Yoke - Japanese term which means mistake proofing.

A poka yoke device is one that prevents incorrect parts from being made or assembled, or easily identifies a flaw or error.

poka-yoke - 'mistake-proofing', a means of providing a visual or other signal to indicate a characteristic state. Often referred to as 'error-proofing', poke-yoke is actually the first step in truly error-proofing a system. Error-proofing is a manufacturing technique of preventing errors by designing the manufacturing process, equipment, and tools so that an operation literally cannot be performed incorrectly.

To avoid (yokeru) inadvertent errors (poka).

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Poke-yoke - Japanese term that means mistake proofing. A pokayoke device is one that prevents incorrect parts from being made or assembled or easily identifies a flaw or error.

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