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Postal Address File (PAF)

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Postal Address File (PAF) - definitions

Postal Address File (PAF) - The Postcode Address File is compiled by Royal Mail and includes 27 million addresses. It is the most up-to-date and complete database in the UK for address information. By screening data against the PAF file you can reduce the number of returned mailings and improve customer satisfaction and customer profiling.

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PAF or Postcode Address File - PAF is a file maintained and sold by Royal Mail containing 25 million addresses and 1.5 million postcodes. It is a trusted address validation file with the most accurate UK address information.

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PAF - Postcode Address File. A UK term used by the Royal Mail.

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PAF® - This is Royal Mail's "Postcode Address File®" which contains all postal addresses in the UK, Channel Isles and Isle of Man.

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