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Preventive Action

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Preventive Action - definition(s)

Preventive Action - Action taken to remove or improve a process to prevent potential future occurrences of a nonconformance.

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Preventive Action - See Corrective Action. Long term cost / risk weighted action taken to prevent a problem from occurring, based on an understanding of the product or process.

Preventive action will address inadequate "conditions" which may produce nonconformances.

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Preventive Action - Preventive actions are steps that are taken to remove the causes of potential nonconformities or potential situations that are undesirable.

The preventive action process is designed to prevent the occurrence of nonconformities or situations that do not yet exist. It tries to prevent occurrence by eliminating causes.

While corrective actions prevent recurrence, preventive actions prevent occurrence. Both types of actions are intended to prevent nonconformities.

Preventive actions address potential problems, ones that haven't yet occurred. In general, the preventive action process can be thought of as a risk analysis process.

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Preventive Action - analyzing possible failure modes and putting in place appropriate action to avoid failure. ex: FMEAs, design reviews and validation, supplier evaluations, preventative maintenance and calibration.

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