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Quality Circle

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Quality Circle - definitions

Quality circle - An ad hoc group formed to correct problems in or to improve a shared process. The goal is an improved work environment and productivity and quality.

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Quality circle - A quality improvement or self-improvement study group composed of a small number of employees (10 or fewer) and their supervisor. Quality circles originated in Japan, where they are called quality control circles.

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Quality Circles - teams that follow a standard process of problem identification, root cause analysis, problem solving and implementation. In Japanese firms there is a greater focus on statistical quality control, employees meet on own time and all employees receive a bonus for the performance of the entire organization. Guide to Quality Control, Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa, English version 1986. Also recommend 'Managing; A Revival of the Quality Circle'  in NY Times. Also read -  Landel, Robert,Quality Circles. Darden Case No. UVA-OM-0636 . Available at SSRN: External This note presents the basic elements and implementation issues within a quality-circle program. Top-management and middle-management support roles are discussed, and implementation obstacles are presented.

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