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Process - definition(s)

Process : A defined set of activities to achieve a goal or end result. An activity that computes, manipulates, transforms, and/or presents data. A process has identifiable begin and end points. See Business process.

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Process : a group of sequenced tasks, which eventually lead to a value for (internal or external) customers.

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Process - A series of logically related activities or sub-processes performed for a given purpose.

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Process - A function being performed or waiting to be performed.

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Process - A set of interrelated work activities characterized by a set of specific inputs and value added tasks that make up a procedure for a set of specific outputs.

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Process - A series of steps or actions that lead to a desired result or output.

A set of common tasks that creates a product, service, process, or plan that will satisfy a customer or group of customers.

A sequential series of steps leading to a desired outcome.

Processes are largely affected by one or more of the following factors:

   a) personnel who operate the processes;
   b) materials which are used as inputs (including information);
   c) machines or equipment being used in the process (in process execution or monitoring/measurement;
   d) methods (including criteria and various documentations used along the process);
   e) work environment

Understanding how these factors interact and affect processes is a key consideration in process studies.

See Process Control.

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Process - A process is a set of activities that are interrelated or that interact with one another. Processes use resources to transform inputs into outputs. Processes are interconnected because the output from one process becomes the input for another process. In effect, processes are glued together by means of such input output relationships.

Organizational processes should be planned and carried out under controlled conditions. An effective process is one that realizes planned activities and achieves planned results.

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Process - A set of interrelated resources and activities that transforms inputs into outputs. Examples of processes include analysis, design, data collection, operation, fabrication, and calculation.

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Process - Is a combination of people, equipment, methods, materials and environment that produces output, - a given product or service. A process can involve any aspect of a business.

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process - [modeling] In geoprocessing in ArcGIS, a tool and its parameter values. One process, or multiple processes connected together, creates a model.

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