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Quality Manual

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Quality Manual - definition(s)

Quality Manual - A quality manual documents an organization's quality management system (QMS). It can be a paper manual or an electronic manual. According to ISO 9001 section 4.2.2, your quality manual should: 

* Define the scope of your QMS. * Explain reductions in the scope of your QMS. * Justify all exclusions (reductions in scope). * Describe how your QMS processes interact. * Document your quality procedures or refer to them.

Notice that an ISO 9001 quality manual does not regurgitate the ISO 9001 standard. While this is a common practice, it not only fails to comply with the standard it also fails to serve any useful function.

NOTE: ISO 9004 2009 does not require a quality manual.

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Quality Manual - A Quality Manual is the supplier's document that describes the elements of the quality system used to assure customer requirements, needs, and expectations are met. Quality manuals shall include responsibilities and authorities for each element of the quality system.

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