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Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

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Recovery Point Objective (RPO) - definitions

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) - The intent to recover data up to a specific point in a transaction stream following a downtime event. Expresses the amount of data an organization may tolerate to lose.

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Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is the age of files that must be recovered from back-up storage for normal operations to resume if a computer, system or network goes down as a result of a hardware, program, or communications failure. The RPO is expressed backward in time (that is, into the past) from the instant at which the failure occurs, and can be specified in seconds, minutes, hours, or days. It is an important consideration in disaster recovery planning (DRP). Once the RPO for a given computer, system or network has been defined, it determines the minimum frequency at which back-ups must be performed. This, along with the recovery time objective (RTO), helps administrators choose optimal disaster recovery technologies and procedures.

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