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Network - definition(s)

Network - Any time you connect 2 or more computers together so that they can share resources you have a computer network. Connect 2 or more networks together and you have an internet. See also: Internet, Local Area Network (LAN).

Computers that are connected together. Those in the same or nearby buildings are called local area networks , those that are farther away are called wide area networks , and when you interconnect a large number of networks all over the world, you get the Internet.

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(1) [network analysis] An interconnected set of points and lines that represent possible routes from one location to another. For geometric networks, this consists of edge features, junction features, and the connectivity between them. For network datasets, this consists of edge, junction, and turn elements and the connectivity between them. For example, an interconnected set of lines representing a city streets layer is a network.

(2) [computing] In computing, a group of computers connected in order to share software, data, and peripheral devices, as in a local or wide area network.

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