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Regression Analysis

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Regression Analysis - definition(s)

Regression Analysis - regression analysis is a statistical method used to determine the correlation between one or more independent variables (X) and a dependent variable (Y). This information is used in creating response and lifetime value models that help direct marketers optimize their efforts related to new customer acquisition and retention.

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Regression Analysis - A statistical means to improve the predictability of response based on an analysis of multiple stratified relationships within a file.

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Regression Analysis - A statistical technique for determining the best mathematical expression describing the functional relationship between one response and one or more independent variables.

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Regression analysis - Regression analysis is a modelling technique comparing the relationship between variables. It is commonly used for prediction and forecasting and analysing customers. Essentially it's a term used by don't need to understand it, but understand the results they provide.

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Regression analysis – to define the dependency between variables. It assumes a one-way causal effect from one variable to the response of another variable.

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