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Relationship - definitions

Relationship : The manner in which two entity or object types are associated with each other. Relationships may be one to one, one to many, or many to many, as determined by the meaning of the participating entities and by business rules. Synonymous with association. Relationships can express cardinality (the number of occurrences of one entity related to an occurrence of the second entity) and/or optionality (whether an occurrence of one entity is a requirement given an occurrence of the second entity).

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Relationship - An association between occurrences of one or more entities. A 1-to-1 relationship means that the first entity has one and only one other entity. (For example, a person is supposed to have only one Social Security Number. This is an example of a relationship that would be 1-to-1 in a perfect world, but actually isn't.) A 1-to-many relationship means that one entity is related to many others. For example, the name "John" is held by many people. A many-to-many relationship means just what it says. For example, there are many products for sale in the grocery store, and many people who shop there. Many-to-many relationships have to be resolved to be useful. For instance, one person will buy many products during a single transaction. One vendor will provide many products to the store during a different type of transaction.

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Relationship - 1. What one entity has to do with another.

2. Any significant way in which two things of the same or different type may be associated.

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Relationship - In a conceptual data model, an association between two entities, or between one entity and itself.

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relationship - [database structures] An association or link between two objects in a database. Relationships can exist between spatial objects (features), between nonspatial objects (rows in a table), or between spatial and nonspatial objects.

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