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Resolution - definitions

Resolution - Resolution is a measure of the degree of confounding among effects. Roman numerals are used to denote resolution. The resolution of your design defines the amount of information that can be provided by the design of experiment. As with a computer screen.

The above is an explanation of resolution in the context of DOE.

For Gage R & R, 'Number of distinct categories' measures the ability of the measurement system to resolve the data in to a number of catogories - hence a measurement of resolution - the greater, the better.

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resolution - 

   (1) [cartography] The detail with which a map depicts the location and shape of geographic features. The larger the map scale, the higher the possible resolution. As scale decreases, resolution diminishes and feature boundaries must be smoothed, simplified, or not shown at all; for example, small areas may have to be represented as points.
   (2) [graphics (computing)] The dimensions represented by each cell or pixel in a raster.
   (3) [graphics (computing)] The smallest spacing between two display elements, expressed as dots per inch, pixels per line, or lines per millimeter.

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