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Risk Management

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Risk Management - definitions

Risk Management - In a broad sense, to assess, minimize, and prevent negative consequences posed by a potential threat. The term "Risk Management" has significantly different meanings that can affect Data Governance_ programs. At an enterprise level, "risk" refers to many types of risk (operational, financial, compliance, etc.); managing risk is a key responsibility of Corporate Boards and Executive Teams. Within financial institutions (or in the context of a GRC program), Risk Management may be a boundary-spanning department that focuses on risk to investments, loans, or mortgages. At a project level, "Risk Management" is an effort that should be undertaken as part of Project Management, focusing on risks to the successful completion of the project. From a Compliance/Auditing/ Controls perspective, "Risk Assessments" and "Risk Management" are high-effort activities included in the COSO, and COBIT frameworks and required by Sarbanes-Oxley and other compliance efforts. Data Governance_ programs may be asked to support any of these Risk Management efforts, and may need input from these efforts to resolve data-related issues.

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Risk Management - A risk is a potential problem. Managing the situation so that minimum loss or damage will result if the risk materializes.

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Risk Management - Using managerial resources to integrate risk identification, risk assessment, risk prioritization, development of risk handling strategies and mitigation of risk to acceptable levels.

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