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Sectional Center Facility / Sectional Centre Facility (SCF)

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Sectional Center Facility / Sectional Centre Facility (SCF) - definitions

Sectional Center Facility - A sectional center facility (SCF) is a processing and distribution center (P&DC) of the United States Postal Service (USPS) that serves a designated geographical area defined by one or more three-digit ZIP Code prefixes.

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Sectional Center Facility (SCF) - A postal facility that serves as the processing and distribution center (P&DC) for post offices in a designated geographic area as defined by the first three digits of the ZIP Codes of those offices. Some SCFs serve more than one 3-digit ZIP Code range.

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SCF (Sectional Center Facility) - The first three digits of the ZIP code.

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Sectional Center Facility - The first 3 digits of zip. A postal facility that receives and distributes mail that is going to or coming from post offices within its service area. Out of the 466 SCFs, roughly half of them service a single 3-digit ZIP area (typically a metro area with a multi-ZIP city).

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