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Style Sheet / Stylesheet

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Style Sheet / Stylesheet - definitions

Style Sheet - Document or template that describes the structure and format of a document, with instructions regarding fonts, page size, spacing, margins, paragraph styles and tag mark-ups to ensure consistency and Quality_ in a translated text.

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"A program written in a stylesheet language for converting and/or presenting HTML, SGML, or XML documents. Stylesheet languages are e.g. CSS for HTML (and CSS2 for XML too), XSL for XML and FOSI and DSSSL for both SGML and XML."

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style sheet - [Internet] A file or form that provides style and layout information, such as margins, fonts, and alignment, for tagged content within an XML or HTML document. Style sheets are frequently used to simplify XML and HTML document design, since one style sheet may be applied to several documents. Transformational style sheets may also contain code to transform the structure of an XML document and write its content into another document.

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