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Tightly Coupled / Tight Coupling

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Tightly Coupled / Tightly Coupling - definitions

Tightly Coupled - An inflexible architectural approach to the connection between two or more computer systems that are exchanging data. Tightly-coupled connections can be difficult to change. In contrast, loosely-coupled systems are more flexible and are considered useful when either the source or the destination computer systems are subject to frequent changes.

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Source: The Data Governance Institute, 28 December 2009 13:14:50, External

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tightly coupled data and service - An instance of a service associated with a specific instance of a dataset.

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Source: Open Geospatial Consortium, 09 July 2011 13:37:20, External

tight coupling - [modeling] A high or complex degree of interconnections between the components within a program or between programs, that requires substantial overlap between methods, ontologies, class definitions, and so on.

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Source: esri, 12 September 2012 09:11:58, External 

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