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Service - definition(s)

Service - According to ISO 9000, a service is a type of product. Service is always the result of an activity or interaction between a service supplier and a customer and can take many forms.

Service can be provided to support an organization's own products (e.g. warranty service or the serving of meals). Conversely, service can be provided for a product supplied by a customer (e.g. a repair service or a delivery service). Service can also involve the provision of an intangible thing to a customer (e.g. entertainment, transportation, or advice).

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Service - The result generated by activities at the interface between the supplier and the customer, and the supplier internal activities to meet customer needs. Such activities in environmental programs include design, inspection, laboratory and/or field analysis, repair, and installation.

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service - A computation performed by a software entity on one side of an interface in response to a request made by a software entity on the other side of the interface. A collection of operations, accessible through an interface, that allows a user to evoke a behavior of value to the user. ISO - 19119.

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service - [computing] A persistent software process that provides data or computing resources for client applications.

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