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Unstructured Data

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Unstructured Data - definitions

Unstructured Data - Any document, file, image, report, form, etc. that has no defined, standard structure that would enable convenient storage in automated processing devices; it cannot be defined in terms of rows and columns or records, and the data cannot be examined with standard access. "Unstructured data is email, spreadsheets, documents and so forth. Some of the most valuable information in the corporation resides in unstructured data." - Bill Inmon

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Unstructured data - Computerised information which does not have a data structure that is easily readable by a machine, including audio, video and unstructured text such as the body of a word-processed document - effectively this is the same as multimedia data.

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Un-structured data - unstructured data is regarded as data that is in general text heavy, but may also contain dates, numbers and facts.

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unstructured data - Data that has no identifiable structure–for example, the text of email messages.

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Unstructured data - Any data that has no pre-defined structure, and thus cannot be easily stored within standard relational databases. For example emails, images and tweets are all examples of unstructured data.

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Structured v Unstructured Data - Structured data is basically anything than can be put into a table and organized in such a way that it relates to other data in the same table. Unstructured data is everything that can’t – email messages, social media posts and recorded human speech, for example.

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