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Standard - definition(s)

Standard - A set of criteria for a process, activity, or object against which the result will be measured. Policies may require adherence to particular standards.

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Source: The Data Governance Institute, 26 December 2009 10:33:23, External

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Standard - The metric, specification, gauge, statement, category, segment, grouping, behavior, event or physical product sample against which the outputs of a process are compared and declared acceptable or unacceptable.

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Source: American Society for Quality, 23 October 2010 08:59:37, External

Standard - A set of rules for ensuring Quality_. Usually standards are defined for products, deliverables or deliverable components and processes.

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Standard - A standard is a document. It is a set of rules that control how people develop and manage materials, products, services, technologies, processes, and systems.

ISO's standards are agreements. ISO refers to them as agreements because its members must agree on content and give formal approval before they are published. ISO standards are developed by technical committees. Members of these committees come from many countries. Therefore, ISO standards tend to have very broad support.

Source: Praxium Research Group Ltd, 13 March 2011 10:39:03, External

standard - A document that specifies a technological area with a well-defined scope, usually by a formal standardization body and process.

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standards - Accepted methods or models of practice; these may be formally approved (as in NISO standards), or de facto standards. In the context of data management, standards typically apply to data or file formats, and to metadata.

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