Global Sourcebook for International Data Management

                                         by Graham Rhind

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A great many people have provided me with the information and skills required to compile this resource.

I am indebted especially to the following people for their input:

Jeannet Aalberts, Geir Arveng of KAE Consultants ANS

Ruben Paulino Ayala Brener, Jessica Bailey of Human Inference, Rients de Boer, Arnoud Bonemeyer, Marcus Brunnecker of FUZZY! Informatik, Alvydas Butkus

Özkan Cangüven, Angelo Comotto

Jenny Dalalakis, Karl Dangerfield for his Swiss-German knowledge, David J. Dean, Ray Dickinson, Keld Drube of the Danish Standards Association, Tihomir Dubrović

Maria-Paolo Eusepi

Luistxo Fernandez, Joan-Carles Ferrer i Pont, Richard L. Forstall, János Friss, Florin Florea.

Sergio Garcia of Global Address, Marion Gunn

Ben Hambridge, Sheldon Hartling of Network Pathways, Inc., John Harris, Marketta Herttua, Raymond Hoffman

Katy Iliopoulou

Robert Jones; Jan-Willem Jansen of ProQim for finding many new and changed postal code systems that I had missed

Algimantas Kantautas, Tomek Kuzmierz

Alain Labonte, Bart Lauwereins, Prof. Ed Lawson, Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen, Christiane Lokcick

Carine Magdelijns, Bojan Manušev, Marije Materola, Peter Matson, Mihály Matura, Kimberly McGraw of State Street Consultants, Foltan Miroslav, Ian Morris

Luboš Nový, The NYz Company

Sean O’Fearghail, Peter Ohrablo, Marco Orlandi

Ton Paans, Chris Parkinson of Olwen Direct Mail Ltd, Mikael Parkvall, M.D. Patterson, Vladimir Pavlov, Roger Payne, Kostas Peletidis, Piotr Piotrowski of the U.P.U., Alan Pritchard of the Global Gazetteer, Dr Ingrid Piller, Andrea Le Pard

Martin Reuter, Gabriela Ribiero, Klaus Riedmann, Edward Ross of Exorbyte, Nancy Rybeck, John Ryrie

Petr Sadílek, Garnaz Sedighzadeh, Paula Sjöblom, Eveline Strudler, the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Nicola Sutherland, Daryl Swinden of GlobalDM, Jarek Szarejko, Sasho Spirkoski

Dr Peter K.W. Tan

The Unicode® Consortium

Sabine Vandecauter, Martin Viscor

The Walser Kultuurzentrum Vallée d’Aoste, Jack Whittaker, Julie Winn

Peter Zieger of P.Z. Technologies.

Every effort is made to keep this resource updated. If you find any errors, or have any questions or requests, please don't hesitate to contact the author.

All information copyright Graham Rhind 2022. Any information used should be acknowledged and referenced.