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About Graham Rhind Graham Rhind has specialised for over 30 years in international data knowledge provision. He is an independent consultant and owner of GRC Data Intelligence. His researches have led him to write four books: "Building and Maintaining a European Direct Marketing Database" (1994) , "Global Source Book for International Data Management" (1998, updated annually) , "Practical International Data Management - A guide to working with global names and addresses" (2001) and "Better quality data from your web form - effective international name and address Internet data collection" (2009, free to download and use). He has been a regular speaker at conferences and seminars, and has developed a range of resources and reference data for optimal international address data standardisation, formatting, validation and de-duplication. Graham is a charter member of the International Association for Information and Data Quality and is on the steering committee of the Global Address Data Association. Through GRC Data Intelligence Graham offers a large number of services to his customers, to help them manage globalisation in the most efficient way, with the emphasis on quality. For more information on any of these activities, please follow the relevant link below: Data consultancy Data quality analysis Conference-speaking and seminars/training Products