Global Sourcebook for International Data Management

                                         by Graham Rhind

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Icons used in this resource

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Though each country chapter is largely structured in the same way, as the Global Source Book grows to include more information, it maybe difficult to locate the section you require. To aid this we have used icons throughout the text so that you can scan for the icon referring to the data you require. Below is the key to which icons are located in which section(s).

image Country information - official name, area, population, capital and so on.

image Date and/or time formats

image Language information; Other elements commonly found in address databases

image Forms of address; for the attention of

image Company names; company types

image Personal names

image Address formats and other address structure information

image Thoroughfare type lists; (Sub-)building type lists; directionals

image Post office box information

image Postal code information

image Place name information

image Administrative district information

image Telephone number information

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