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Empowerment - definitions

Empowerment - A condition in which employees have the authority to make decisions and take action in their work areas without prior approval. For example, an operator can stop a production process if he or she detects a problem, or a customer service representative can send out a replacement product if a customer calls with a problem.

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Empowerment - A series of actions designed to give employees greater control over their working lives. Businesses give employees empowerment to motivate them according to the theories of Abraham Maslow and Fredrick Herzberg.

To invest with power or give authority to complete. To empower employees.

Being allowed to make decisions and take actions on your own, apart from management.

A contract that involves the delegation of authority and commitment to an individual to act or authorize actions to be taken, in exchange for the acceptance of responsibility and accountability to fulfill a defined objective. Used to increase an organizations responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency without increasing the budget.

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