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Hoshin planning / Hoshin Kanri

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Hoshin planning / Hoshin Kanri - definitions

Hoshin planning (Hoshin Kanri) : Also known as Policy Management or Policy Deployment, is a management technique developed in Japan by combining Management by Objectives and the Plan-do-Check-Act (PDCA) improvement cycle. Hoshin planning provides a planning, implementation and review process to align business strategy and daily operations through total employee participation to achieve business objectives and breakthrough improvements.

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Hoshin Kanri - The selection of goals, projects to achieve the goals, designation of people and resources for project completion and establishment of project metrics. Also see policy deployment

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Hoshin planning - Breakthrough planning. A Japanese strategic planning process in which a company develops up to four vision statements that indicate where the company should be in the next five years. Company goals and work plans are developed based on the vision statements. Periodic submitted audits are then conducted to monitor progress. Also see value stream

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Hoshin Kanri - Hoshin Kanri is a step-by-step strategic planning process that assesses breakthrough strategic objectives against daily management tasks and activities. It provides a visual map at all levels of the organization provides clear strategic direction. Hoshin's premise is that satisfying the customer and staying in business means listening to the Voice of the Customer, the environment and then and focusing on critical improvements - - hoshins. Hoshin Kanri methodology ensures that everyone in the organization knows the strategic direction for the company. Creating a working communication system means everyone is working towards a common goal! Another key component of Hoshin is the measurement and analysis that takes place in order to know base decisions on fact and not gut feelings. Measuring the system as a whole is critical to organizational effectiveness.

The term "Hoshin Kanri" was coined by Bridgestone Tires in Japan.

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Hoshin Kanri - a japanese methodology to ensure that management's strategic vision is deployed into each and every employee's daily activities. The literal translation for this is - 'ho' meaning method or form and 'shin' meaning shining needle or compass. 'Kanri' means management or control. Hoshin: goals (with targets) and means for achieving it to address business priorities to move the organization to a new level of performance, variable from year-to-year, could also be multi-year, and is developed by executive management.

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