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House of Quality

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House of Quality - definitions

House of quality - A mapping of customer quality expectations in product or service to the quality measures of the product or service to summarise all expectations and the work to meet them. See also Quality Function Deployment (QFD) .  

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House of Quality - a standard quality management tool that consists of a matrix which relates customer requirements to technical specifications or functionalities.

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House of Quality - A product planning matrix, somewhat resembling a house, that is developed during quality function deployment and shows the relationship of customer requirements to the means of achieving these requirements.

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House of Quality - he House of Quality is the first matrix in a four-phase QFD (Quality Function Deployment) process. It's called the House of Quality because of the correlation matrix that is roof shaped and sits on top of the main body of the matrix. The correlation matrix evaluates how the defined product specifications optimize or sub-optimize each other.

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