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Ideation Brainstorming

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Ideation Brainstorming - New brainstorming tools

New tools for brainstorming combine advantages of traditional brainstorming techniques of Osborn and of the I-TRIZ techniques. TRIZ is an acronym of Russian Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, which has been developed by Henrich Altschuller in 1940s-80s in Russia.

New tools are called Ideation Brainstorming, as they are based on the follow-up research of TRIZ specialists in Ideation, Inc. leaded by Boris Zlotin. Inventor and analyst B.Zlotin has been a student of H. Altschuller and has published several books together with him. The follow-up research studies are known as I-TRIZ -- an expanded, enhanced, and restructured version of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ)

Ideation Brainstorming tools and methodology

Ideation Brainstorming software tools implement a simple well structured 4-step process for solving problems using I-TRIZ:

   1. Define the problem-solving objectives
   2. Form an "ideal" vision of a system
   3. Develop solution concepts to bring the system closer to ideal
   4. Evaluate solution concepts and tackle subsequent tasks

This easy-to-use software contains more than 100 "operators" -- proven innovation axioms with practical examples that have been successfully applied throughout the history of technology, as documented in patents and other descriptions of inventive achievement.

Ideation Brainstorming tools serve as a structured guide and knowledge-based facilitation support for any brainstorming session and for any application.

The Ideation Brainstorming operators particularly help to:

   - Improve system performance, functionality, efficiency, etc.
   - Eliminate, reduce, prevent or counteract undesired system effects and characteristics
   - Find new applications for a system
   - Resolve system contradictions without trade-off or compromise etc.

Who may use it

Anybody is able to use these tools after a short introductory workshop (2 hours) and a case study performed with the help of experienced facilitator (2 hours). The Ideation Brainstorming tools contain an e-Learning introductory book into I-TRIZ. Basic I-TRIZ e-Learning teaches the fundamentals of the I-TRIZ methodology (system approach, ideality, recognizing and resolving contradictions, utilization of resources, and more) in 4 hours or less.

Positive Impact

Current research and practical experiences in conducting ín-class and virtual brainstorming sessions for diverse problem solving targets show, that using Ideation Brainstorming

   - Increases the productivity of idea generation 3-5 times in the first 15-20 min of brainstorming and 5-10 times during the rest of the session (which may last up to 2 hours) in comparison with traditional brainstorming techniques
   - The quality of ideas (e.g. their impact on increasing sigma level and process capability) and their completeness are much higher comparing with traditional methods
   - The risks to define problem in a wrong way, or forget critical opportunities, resources etc., miss efficient concepts and solutions are few orders lower
   - Reduces or eliminates "rework" or follow-up brainstorming sessions with similar targets.
   - Team members feel motivated and much more satisfied and excited after the session, especially due to the high tempo in ideas generation, proof of being smart, effectiveness and efficiency.

One need much less time and efforts to come with better ideas and solutions, and it will certainly make the Ideation Brainstorming tools to one of the most commonly used problem solving tools for diverse applications and audiences.

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