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Java Server Page (JSP)

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Java Server Page (JSP) - definitions

Java Server Page (JSP) - Java server pages are a way to create dynamic Web content. They may also be used to generate and consume XML between n-tier servers or between servers and clients.

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JSP - JavaServer Pages (an extension of servlets) allow web developers and designers to rapidly develop, and easily maintain, platform-independent dynamic web pages. This technology uses XML-like tags and sciptlets written in Java to encapsulate the logic that generates (on-the-fly) the content for the page. JSP separates the page logic from its design/display and supports and reusable component-based design.

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JSP - [programming] Acronym for JavaServer Pages. A Java technology that enables rapid development of platform-independent, Web-based applications. JSP separates the user interface from content generation, enabling designers to change the overall page layout without altering the underlying dynamic content.

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