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Net Name Arrangement

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Net Name Arrangement - A net name arrangement is a clause in a list rental agreement that provides credit for duplicate names in the mailing list being rented. When renting a mailing list, it is likely that list contains some of the same names on your own house list or on other lists you are renting. These duplicates are typically identified through the merge/purge process. The net name arrangement consists of a percentage and a run charge. The percentage is the minimum percentage of the quantity ordered that must be paid at the full rate. The run charge is the rate charged for the duplicates. For example, suppose you order 100,000 names at $100/M with an 85% net name arrangement and a $3/M run charge. Then the merge/purge process reveals 9,000 duplicates. In this scenario, you would pay for 91,000 names at $100/M and 9,000 names at $3/M. Net name arrangements are not available on all mailing lists and are typically only available on larger orders. Source: NextMark, 15 August 2009 12:05:37, Externalindex/definition.jsp?glossaryTermId=a0800000000DiCFAA0

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